About Us

The Hannibal Writers Guild

"More than just Mark Twain..."

The Hannibal Writers Guild was founded on January 9, 2018, as an official branch of the Missouri Writers Guild. We are located in the historic river town of Hannibal, MO, the home of Mark Twain. But he's not the only writer to call Hannibal home.

Our Mission

We hope to inspire, encourage, and educate local writers by providing them a community with which they can use to hone their craft. Whether you're just starting to write or have a few published books under your belt, we welcome writers of all levels and experience.

What is a "Guild?"

guild [gild] - n. an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

Writing is one of those few career paths that is more collaborative than it is competitive. Ideas and inspiration flows easily between storytellers, getting everyone involved brainstorming. Authors are stronger when they help each other, increasing everyone's chance at getting that book published. Who you become colleagues with can get you the introduction you need to the editor, agent, or publisher that's right for you. Who knows, you might even make a friend.