Things They Are A-Changin'

Post date: May 26, 2019 5:23:33 PM

The Hannibal Writers Guild has steadily been growing since it's creation in 2018, in large part due to the dedication and guidance of Ryan P. Freeman, founder and first president. It is with great sadness that we announce that he is going to be moving out of the area and has stepped down as president. We will miss him and what he brings to the guild. In a way, it will never be the same without him.

So he made a charter, proposed a Hannibal branch of the Missouri Writers Guild, and with their approval the Hannibal Writers Guild was born. We wouldn't be here without the aspirations of one man who brought us all together.

It is big shoes to fill. I don't know if I can fill them, but I will certainly try. For now, I am acting-president and will do my best to continue to grow the Hannibal Writers Guild in the way that Freeman would have.

Stay tuned for the announcement of official officer election sometime this early fall to officially fill in the spot as president.

May your words flow like a river and your ideas never dry out!

-Dana Lockhart

I remember when I first met him. It was at the first ever meeting of the Hannibal Writers Guild. Freeman had been going to the St. Louis Writers Guild meetings for some time and yearned for the community of his own native Hannibalians. Hannibal is "the home of Mark Twain," after all. There had to be other inspiring writers in the area!